7 Rules For Healthy Living

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7 Rules For Healthy Living

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7 Rules For Healthy Living
The Importance of Healthy Living

7 Rules For Healthy Living

Hello everyone, I would like to start with a question... What do we put into our bodies? Our daily goal should be to eat the foods that help keep our bodies and health at their peak. With that in mind, there are seven rules for healthy living that we want to take a closer look at:

1. The first rule of healthy living  

Drink water before and after meals, not during them. Drinking before meals will keep you full and prevent you from overeating. In addition, not drinking water allows you to breathe properly, which aids in digestion. Drink water 30 minutes before eating and separate your meals from any liquid intake at least 10 – ideally 30 – minutes.

2. The second rule of healthy living 

combine your foods correctly. To ensure the best nutrient digestion, we need to know how to combine our foods effectively. If you don't combine your foods intelligently, it will tax your digestive system. The consequences are: Atrophied digestion. Food is no longer converted into nutrients, sacrificing the amino acid, vitamin and mineral benefits of our food. Harmful toxins. These toxins burden the cells and tissues of our body and our elimination organs. food allergy. People often misdiagnose post-meal discomfort as a food allergy when what they're really feeling is the result of the wrong combination. More serious illnesses. The wrong combination over a long period of time can wear the body down and lead to more serious problems.

3. The third rule for a healthy life 

Eat relaxed. Eliminate all distractions including television, cell phones (texting) and the internet. Maintain a state of calm as meal times should be a quiet time to enjoy and appreciate the food and company that awaits you. Make sure everyone is seated and comfortable while making sure the table is set with the right plates and utensils. Chew your food slowly and take small bites.

4. The fourth rule of healthy living 

Eat comfortable amounts of food. Americans have a skewed idea of ​​portion sizes. A typical serving size in a restaurant is not a reasonable amount - half the portion is usually enough. Or if you overcook for dinner, save the leftover for lunch the next day.

5. The fifth rule of healthy living 

Eat organic food. Eat foods that are free of modern pesticides, antibiotics, or growth hormones on a regular basis. Products labeled "Organic" have been approved by the USDA, which guarantees farms meet government standards (including promoting renewable resources). Although it has been difficult to buy organic products in the past, they are now readily available at all local grocery stores. Ideally you have an entire grocery chain, Henry's, Wild Oats, Trader Joe's or another smaller organic chain in your area.

6. The Sixth Rule of Healthy Living 

Timing is everything: Eat small amounts every 3 hours.

7. The seventh rule for healthy living 

Add supplements to your diet as needed.

A few more things to think about. According to the American Dietetic Association, here are the ideal servings:

1. A cup of pasta is the size of a tennis ball.

2. Half a cup of vegetables is the size of a lightbulb.

3. A small baked potato is the size of a computer mouse.

Proper digestion is affected by the use of spices, vinegar, alcohol, tobacco, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee and iced drinks.

I know the seven rules for healthy living stem from the beliefs many of us (including me) grew up with, but I challenge you to apply these rules to live healthier, richer lives.

The Importance of Healthy Living

In today's world of trending diets, weight loss supplements, best practices and protein powders, you could say we've lost sight of healthy living. Most aspects of “common sense” are now considered boring and outdated. However, the importance of a healthy, fashion-free lifestyle should not be underestimated. A healthy lifestyle is extremely important for everyone as it has many proven health effects that offer more benefits than any commercial nutritional product. To better understand it, it's best to first familiarize yourself with what healthy living really is.


You've probably heard hundreds of different excuses people can come up with to stop exercising. The most common are "I don't have time", "I have pain in my back/knee/ankle" and just "I don't feel like it". Breaking the mental barrier to daily exercise is extremely difficult for most people as it requires a level of discipline and dedication that many people lack. In fact, exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Any lifestyle that advertises itself as "effective without exercise" misrepresents what it really is. Daily exercise only takes around 20 minutes to complete and can have a huge positive impact on your overall health.


It has become more difficult to stick to a diet classified as “healthy”. Most foods available at the grocery store are highly processed, overloaded with chemical preservatives, and high in undesirable substances (like fat, sugar, etc.). In addition, there are many nutrition experts who claim to know the real secrets of healthy eating. In reality, healthy eating is not that complicated. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, high-fiber foods, and pure sources of protein are all you need to eat a truly healthy diet. While this concept may seem incredibly simplistic, it's the best way to ensure you're eating healthy.


There's no excuse for following fad diets, under-qualified nutritionists, and diet pills when the key to healthy living is so incredibly simple. There is no "miracle pill" or "fat loss food" that will instantly make you healthy. No matter what diet you follow, exercise is important and there is no supplement for it. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is a long-term commitment, but those who choose this lifestyle never regret it.

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