How To Set Fitness SMART Goals


How To Set Fitness SMART Goals

Today I'm gonna be talking about how you can set smart goals. 

So if you've ever been at the beginning of a new year, or you've decided that you want to

 embark on a new fitness journey and you want to set certain goals in order to accomplish

 them, I'm gonna be talking about how you can make sure that those goals are perfect or

 smart in order to help you maximize your results. 

Even before you set your goals, you should really take a step back and figure 

out what in what part of your life you want to change the most, right? 

So taking a step back is gonna help you identify the problems or the things 

that you want to change and that will help you focus on goals to maximize 

your performance and really, really maximize what you want to get out of it. 

So what are smart goals? 

Well, smart actually is an acronym for a type of goal, and the smart acronym is specific,

 measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. 

And so when you set smart goals or goals that fit all of these criteria, you are 

essentially making an error proof goal that has no easy cop out, right? It is rigid. 

You have to follow these guidelines in order to accomplish this goal and achieve what 

you're trying to achieve. 

So why should you set smart goals? 

Accomplishing any kind of goal is only going to be as effective as the goal itself, right? So if

you set a mediocre goal, you can expect to have mediocre results. However, if you set a very 

specific goal that's measurable that has a timely a time limit, and that's relevant 

to what you're trying to achieve you can probably be safe to say that the thing that 

you accomplish is also going to fit those criteria. So it really depends on how 

motivated you are and how willing you are to accomplish this goal on whether or not 

you want to set a smart goal. 

So how do you find inspiration for the goals that you set? 

Well, like we talked about earlier you want to examine what things you could change in 

your life and what's gonna have the most impact on you, right? And then setting goals so 

that you don't have to rely on motivation to keep you going towards that goal, right? You 

are going to set certain parameters so that you are doing X, Y, Z in order to accomplish 

abc. When trying to find that motivation, trying to establish new habits is going to be 

one of your best friends. Making sure that your goals lead to new habits and new changes 

is going to help you maximize your goal results. All right, so let's try out an example of .

How you can make a mediocre goal into a smart goal? 

So the mediocre goal would be like, 

I wanna lose weight this winter, right? It's, it's Something common we all hear maybe at 

the beginning of the New Year's. It's not very specific, it's not very measurable, it 

doesn't really have a timeline. I mean, I guess winter is technically a timeline, but 

there's a better way, right? And let's talk about how we can do that. So we have, I will 

lose weight this winter. Now listen to this goal. 

A smart goal. I will lose 10 pounds within 10 weeks by performing 30 minute cardio workouts

 every other day and cutting my calories by 250 calories each day, right? So if you heard both

 of those goals, which one do you think, um, you'd be able be able to accomplish, right? 

The one on the easy mediocre one that's not so smart, you know, it's a goal, it's not very

 good, but you have a plan with the smart goal, right? We talked about what you're gonna do, 

lose 10 pounds when you're gonna do it within 10 weeks, right? And then we also talk about

 how you're going to be able to accomplish that thing. 

You're gonna be doing your exercises every other day. You're gonna be dropping calories by 

certain amount, right? The more detailed that you can be, the better off that goal is going to 

be, and you're gonna be able to maximize those results. 

So how do you track your progress towards the goal? 

Well, in the beginning, you want to track everything. Every detail that you can track is 

something that you can measure along the way, right? So that is body size, 

circumferences weight, um, weights used during a workout, how you feel, um, your rate of 

perceived exertion during a workout, or how tired you feel during a workout. These are all 

things that you can track and measure over time to track your progress. That way. At the 

end of your timeline for your goal, you can say, wow, I wrote down on that first day that 

I couldn't even do two pushups and now I'm doing 10, right? It's something that you can 

track and see your progress, which will keep you motivated and continuing on towards your


Can you have more than one smart goal at a time? 

And my recommendation is that if you're new or if you're just starting out, I highly recommend 

that you just focus on one thing, right? 

That one thing is going to make the most impact. Now, if you've had some experience in 

fitness or exercise and you kind of know what's going on, you can cer, you can certainly set 

different goals depending on what your goals are, right? My, my real advice is that only set 

multiple goals if you know that you can handle and accomplish all of them. If you're

 somewhat new, and maybe this is somewhat intimidating, set one goal and really accomplish

 it, that's gonna help you, find that motivation to maybe when that timeline ends, you can set

 new goals and become even better. All right guys, so that's smart goals. I hope that that

 really helped helped you.  

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